hello little world

welcome! whatever brought u here, im glad it did! this site is gonna be a dump for all my life stuff basically... this is my little escape from social media. i like to start a million projects and never finish them... im gonna have a little blog where u guys can follow my insignificant life. im trying to make this a site somewhere between blog and a page where i can express myself.

welcome to my website

hi im gian, this sites webmaster :) this site is still a work in progress so expect various changes and missing links. this is where i test my css, html, and web design knowledge whenever i get random spurts of energy. i thought to myself why not try html and css stuff, so here i am. join me on my little journey to build a cute little oldschool website to support internet culture

this site is probably never gonna be fully done, but i work on it almost everyday so check in every once in a while, i'd really appreciate it.

i hope all of you enjoy my silly little corner of the internet as much as i do.

website info

made with html, css and unfortunately a little javascript. i'll probably add some more stuff down the line but i'll keep it as lightweight as possible

best viewed on a 1920x1080 screen