well here i am again

im back? kinda... haven't had any motivation to work on this website at all in the last few months. now to me, ive been feeling eh again... nothing exciting happening in life only shitty stuff, but alas we're thuggin it out as always, i hope all of you lovely people are doing good. theres more to life than going to work and performing, trust me. gian out (typeshii)


hi u lovely humans

hi everyone i hope u guys have been doing good :3, i've worked a little more on the website, mainly i've cleaned up a bit of code since my code was kinda messy bc my html coding skills were lackluster before i started this website.... i have also updated the projects page to show all my current projects im working on, more coming soon on there as well, im gonna add new features to the website once i get some more motivation to do stuff and tbh i need ideas for some new and fun features for my site byeeeeee gian out


back from the dead... again :3

how are you all doing? i've been pretty busy lately so i haven't had time to update the website, and im not sure when im gonna have the time to update it.... drake blessed us with some more music a few weeks ago so im pretty happy because of that. that deluxe album hits different.. i bought a meta quest 3 a few days ago so i can finally experience vr bliss. its been really fun already, vrchat bangs tbh. i hope you guys are all doing well and that life has been treating you well. this site is gonna get some more updates soon i promise :3.


im back!

im alive, just taking life easy and focusing on work and relaxing after work. drake is dropping october 6th so im very very excited hihi. how are you lovely people doing ? i hope life is treating you well. im probably gonna start working on the website again this week, idk when that is... maybe on the weekend... i don't really know but i will keep working on it. made some good ass pasta for dinner. i lost a bunch of weight which is amazing and im glad my diet is working and going well... for now... gian out


hi everyone!

well im alive! had 1 hour of sleep last night so bare with me... work was pretty chill today, lame workday since it was slow. awesomesauce day today, probably gonna go to sleep really early today since i don't know if can take being awake for any longer, the tiredness is killing me, i look like a zombie. not gonna work on the site today, i hope i get a sudden burst of energy this week to work on it actively again. but we'll see, theres been a bunch of new stuff i saw and really wanna test on my site.


post 7!!!!!!

well post 7, i got 2 days off from work so im just chilling. nothing really happenend today, a chill day all in all, slept in, made some good ass food today but thats about it. i didn't update the site today because i rearranged my setup and made everything a little prettier, switched from fedora to macOS again, and i think im gonna stay here for the foreseeable future :thumbsup:. take ur time, u are loved and you are important don't ever forget that! ily all


blog post numero 6

post six, praise 6god.. she said wanna come to tornotooooo, she wanna come to the six side, she knows thats the best side.... SHE KNOW WHO TO CHECK WHEN SHE COME AROUND. drake is the goat. anyway to my day it was pretty boring today, chill day all in all. nothing much that can be said about today. not gonna update the site today since im exhausted af... make sure to stay hydrated ily all


blog post numberrr 5

5th post, sorry for being inactive the last few days, i have just been chilling and enjoying my days off! i've installed fedora now, since i was tired of dealing with the update problems on arch... sorry my arch people i apologize :( anyway i will be updating my page tomorrow maybe adding the about and links page, i'll see tho. thank you guys for being patient and i hope u guys all have a great day/night ily all!


blog post numba 4 wooooooooooooooow

well this is the 4th one, im gonna try to post daily! shiiit today was amazing, really excited for the (speculated) drake drop tonight. haven't updated the page at all today :( just bc i didn't have enough time, gonna work on it now tho. did some fun stuff at work today but it was very tiring, probably gonna stay up for the drake drop to listen to it right as it releases (pray that it drops), gonna work on the site while i wait hehe. hope u guys have had a nice day, or that u guys are gonna have an amazing day/night. gian out


third blog post POG

work was pretty cool today, life's been getting better.. finally. did some cool ass stuff, working a little more on the page today, probably just minor things tho. today is gonna a little itty bitty blog post since im tired af :)


well second blog post... i probably slept a whole hour maybe even less idk,
so work really killed me today. i think today is gonna be a short day, gonna work a little more on the website and then head to sleep. gonna implement new stuff tomorrow or on the weekend, too tired to do it today sigh.

update.... i lied, its 1:18am and i worked on the website until now

i hope you guys have had a good day, whoever is reading this. take care of yourself


work was pretty stressful today, all in all it was a good day tho.

started working on the website today, got some good progress done